Direct Farm Program

Our Direct Farm Program, stands on three pillars: social responsibility, economic responsibility, and environmental responsibility. The program seeks to strengthen communities by supporting rural economic development and small- to medium-size farmers — many of whom are women — with consistent and reliable income. By enhancing agricultural productivity and conserving natural resources like soil and water quality, we help build a legacy for the future.

Produce Distribution Centers (PDCs) are a cornerstone of our program because they provide an easily accessible delivery point for local farmers, and offer a highly efficient, cost-effective way for us to aggregate, sort, and redistribute local and imported produce to our clubs under our Member's Selection Fresh brand.

Prior to opening a PDC, we first establish a country's farming program, which involves enrolling, educating and training, and then certifying individual farmers — a process that can take from several months to more than two years. In addition to the two PDCs opened in FY2022, we have pre-existing farming programs and PDCs in Costa Rica, Panamá, and Guatemala, bringing the total to five countries, with internally certified small- and medium-size farmers.

As of the latest reporting period, products from our Direct Farm Program have been made available across a substantial number of our clubs, with ongoing efforts to extend this presence in the coming periods.