Environmental and Social Responsibility Report

Why We Exist

“Our mission is to serve as a model company, which operates profitably and provides a good return to our investors, by providing Members in emerging and developing markets with exciting, high quality merchandise sourced from around the world and valuable services at compelling prices. We prioritize the well-being and safety of our Members and employees. We provide good jobs, fair wages, and benefits and the opportunity for growth. We strive to treat our suppliers right and empower them when we can. We conduct ourselves in a socially responsible manner and respect the environment and the laws of all the countries in which we operate.”

What We Believe

We believe in:

  • Investing in the well-being of our employees through rewarding, good-paying jobs and opportunities for personal growth and advancement.
  • Operating with integrity, honesty, transparency and practicing the “golden rule”.
  • Being good stewards of the environment.
  • Providing our Members with the best quality items at the lowest possible unit prices, keeping margins low through the relentless pursuit of operating efficiencies and lower expenses.
  • Operating in the best interests of our Members, earning their trust each and every day.
  • Providing a reliable Member shopping experience — with fun sprinkled in.
  • Continuously evolving and improving so we are in-tune with the changing needs of our Members.
  • Helping our communities by supporting suppliers, community organizations and local businesses.