Making Our Company More Sustainable

PriceSmart is committed to fostering a healthy environment for our employees, members, vendors, communities, and the world around us. The Company's actions and practices aim to responsibly use natural resources and focus on reducing our environmental impact.

Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) Team at PriceSmart

Our ESR Team works directly with all areas of the company in the assessment and establishment of purpose, values, strategies, policies, and goals related to economic, environmental, and social topics.

From an environmental perspective, one of the principal objectives of this team is to find, prevent and control the environmental impacts generated by our operations as well as to work to adapt and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Environmental Initiatives

In this section you can read more about some of the environmental initiatives currently underway at PriceSmart. We are working to improve our facilities and to operate on the forefront of innovation as it relates to sustainability.

Waste Management

Sustainable Facilities

Direct Farm Program

Sustainable Fisheries