PriceSmart Collaborates with Scripps Institution of Oceanography

In 2019, PriceSmart and Price Philanthropies partnered with UC San Diego's world-renowned Scripps Institute of Oceanography to undertake a baseline assessment of seafood sourcing in our Costa Rican clubs. In 2021 we renewed the partnership, and in FY2022 we launched a three-year program to expand the evaluation to the portfolio of seafood products sold in each of our clubs.

In addition, we also hosted Scripps-led workshops for our buyers focused on topics that include sustainable aquaculture, understanding the ecological and health implications of wild caught and farm raised seafood, the importance of traceability and transparency in declarations about where product is caught, as well as the many different types of seafood certifications and what they mean.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and to supporting long-term ocean stewardship.