PriceSmart is committed to minimizing the environmental impact associated with waste generated in our operations and to raising environmental awareness among our employees, members, and visitors. Through the Company's actions and practices, PriceSmart strives to prevent, reduce and control its environmental impact by managing waste generated by the business unit's responsibility.

Corporate Solid Waste Management Program

As part of our commitment to proper waste management, the ESR Team, in partnership with the Operations Department, leads the Corporate Solid Waste Management Program. This program provides guidelines to manage solid waste disposal. In addition, the program integrates the management of solid waste generated during business operation and by our employees, Members and visitors during their time in our clubs. The objective of this program is to manage waste through reduction, reuse and recycling to prevent it from going to a landfill.

Our team has identified the various kinds of waste generated and whether third party waste management solutions are available for use by our clubs in each of the countries where PriceSmart operates. Where applicable, our team is now in the process of contracting with a waste management service in each country to meet the needs of our clubs.

Waste Diverted From Disposal - FY22 Data

Category Weight (Metric Tons)
Fryer oil 228
Cardboard 11,490
Plastic containers 35
Paper 5
Lead 1
Stretch-wrap 577
Office batteries 1
Automotive oil 0.1
Aluminium/Cans 0.42
Glass 4
Tetra Brik 0.2
Total - 12,381

Waste Diverted From Disposal - FY22 Data

Category Units
Pallets 410,455
Car batteries 21,208
Electronics 9,337
Tires 90,233
Large appliances 9,157
Ink cartridges 4,052
Fluorescents 386,140
Total - 930,582

Waste Management Reporting Program

PriceSmart has a Waste Management Reporting tool, which is a digital resource for overall management, data gathering and reporting on the performance of the waste management program.

For PriceSmart, proper waste management is a fundamental part of our environmental responsibility and business integrity. We are always looking for the best way to manage waste and for opportunities to minimize what is sent to the landfill.

Recycling Stations

Did you know that the Recycling Stations started as a pilot program; and are now fully operational in 5 PriceSmart Clubs?

In FY2022, PriceSmart partnered with Invema to host a recycling station in the parking lot of our club in San Pedro Sula. Two recycling stations were opened at our Tegucigalpa, Honduras clubs in October 2022.

In Guatemala, we inaugurated our first Recycling Stations in December 2022. In this country, we recycle paper, metals, cardboard, glass, electronics, and plastic. And we also give an economic incentive to our Members and neighbors of the community who recycle with us in both countries.

The colorful, artistically designed stations are open to all, and provide a convenient way for community members to recycle a wide range of everyday items, from bottles, cans, and cardboard to batteries, e-waste, and scrap metal.

We believe in continuing to develop a culture rooted in caring for our environment. In addition, we will continue to expand it to more cities and countries during this new year.