At a Glance

  • Founded by Sol and Robert Price (founders of The Price Company, which later merged with Costco). PriceSmart became a separate publicly traded company in 1997 with assets that were contributed from Costco to Price Enterprises in 1994 and later from Price Enterprises to PriceSmart.
  • The only operator of membership warehouse clubs in Central America, the Caribbean, and Colombia serving over 3 million cardholders.
  • 54 warehouse clubs in 12 countries and one U.S. territory: ten in Colombia; eight in Costa Rica; seven in Panama; six in Guatemala; five in Dominican Republic; four each in Trinidad and El Salvador; three in Honduras; two each in Nicaragua and Jamaica; and one each in Aruba, Barbados and the United States Virgin Islands. In addition, the Company plans to open one warehouse club in Cartago, Costa Rica in early 2025. Once this new club is open, the Company will operate 55 warehouse clubs.
  • Differentiated warehouse retail model focused on driving Membership value through a carefully curated merchandise selection that is sourced both globally and locally and leverages our purchasing power and efficient supply chain.
  • PriceSmart is focused on driving growth through new real estate, both clubs and distribution centers; enhancing Membership Value with wellness services that include optical, pharmacy, audiology and private label; driving incremental sales through digital channels that include and by offering an exciting treasure hunt experience for exceptional merchandise.

Our Strategy

  • The Six Rights of Merchandising™
    • Right Merchandise
    • Right Place
    • Right Time
    • Right Quantity
    • Right Condition
    • Right Price
  • Drive same store sales by optimizing the six rights.
  • Leverage technology and talent to develop an omni-channel presence.
  • Accelerate digital platform development to drive growth through e-commerce channel.
  • Re-energize a culture of performance and accountability.